New AtEdge members Greg Stroube and Brandon Voges are masters of creating imagery that connects with people on a fundamental level. They’re two of the creative leaders at Bruton Stroube, an independent and one-of-a-kind studio of creative collaborators.  Bruton Stroube creates beautiful imagery through photography, 3D, and motion, all under one roof.

A craftsman by nature, Greg Stroube has committed his rich experience and sense of perfection to everything he does. Whether its photography, making platinum prints, rebuilding classic motorcycles or brewing beer, it’s always about the work and the journey of helping something become the best it can be. Commercially, his focal areas include food and beverages, consumer products and industrial and remote locations. In addition to being a photographer, he also frequently takes on the role of director for food and beverage motion projects.

Brandon Voges joined Bruton Stroube 13 years agobringing with him seven years of agency experience, which has granted him a unique “insider perspective” on his projects. His shoots are a reflection of his personality — relaxed, sometimes silly, but always professional and extensively organized. This balance yields imagery that is honest, energetic, and meaningful.  His commercial work focuses primarily on lifestyle, food, pet care, locations and consumer product projects. He also often works as a director for food, lifestyle, and location-oriented productions.

Located in St. Louis, Bruton Stroube’s studio is a unique place where creative ideas of all kinds are brought to life. The company creates content for advertising through photography, 3D/VFX, and motion. The results take form in TV broadcast, print, mobile, social, POS, packaging, and radio campaigns, to name a few. Thanks to an innate sense of flexibility and deep-seated desire to evolve and better themselves, Bruton Stroube recently celebrated over 40 years in business. Early on, the founders realized the importance of hiring people who aren’t afraid to be who they are, who are expertly knowledged in their craft and who care passionately about things in life beyond the studio walls.

Bruton Stroube’s home spans three historical buildings totaling 50,000 square feet, but they also run productions throughout the USA and internationally. The team’s made up of 34 full-time employees, each specializing in her/his own area of expertise. The folks there work together daily in roles such as producer, editor, retoucher, 3D artist, food stylist, prop stylist, wardrobe stylist, rigger, cinematographer and more.

Many modern campaigns span multiple components, but require a cohesive look, feel, and message. The Bruton Stroube shoot teams work together every day, across all media (versus the standard model of pulling mixed freelancers for every project). This approach provides not only high quality imagery, but also continuity across all platforms, which is a priority in today’s advertising world.
To see more work from Greg Stroube and Brandon Voges, check out their AtEdge portfolios or visit the Bruton Stroube website.