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Jim Beam

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My favorite project from 2020, appropriately featured at the end of the year. It was our last pre-covid shoot ever and all subsequent jobs with JB and others were done remotely through live-streaming, including our campaign extensions for the new

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Adidas Crazy

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This iconic ’90s B-ball sneaker features a style so unconventional, it was called Crazy. Worn by legendary players, such as James Harden. Styling by Alma Melendez, retouching by Andi Kuonath / RedFishBlack. Full series -> amueller.com/adidas-crazy

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Adidas ZX

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Worldwide on- and off-figure ad campaign for the new Adidas ZX series, together with my neighbors one door down the street, ad agency Johannes Leonardo. Special Thank You to art producer extraordinaire, Alexia Politis. What a pleasure it is to

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Nutella Social Media GIFS

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Rounding out this Nutella campaign with a still life shoot to create GIFS and new social media assets, promoting playful ways of making breakfast fun for parents and kids alike. Expert styling by Takako Kuniyuki, retouching by Andi Kuonath. You https://news.amueller.com/2020/03/nutella-social-media-gifs/

Adidas ‘Born from Light’

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Born from light – the new campaigns for Adidas Carbon Futurecraft 4D shoes, including KITH, SNS, INVINCIBLE, FOOT PATROL and NONPARTNER. With a twist on 3D printing, Adidas produced their new Futurecraft 4D shoes through a process known as Digital https://news.amueller.com/2019/05/adidas-born-from-light/

Carr’s Crackers

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Another Carr’s OOH series, featuring delicious cheese and cracker pairings. We had beautiful Roomano extra aged Gouda (aged for 5 years), Humboldt Fog, Stockinghall Cheddar, Bleu du Bocage, Persille de Rambouillet, Pria Azul and Cambozola on set. No catering necessary! https://news.amueller.com/2019/02/carrs-crackers/