As the son of a fisherman, Tadd Myers grew up on a boat and can relate well to the lobstermen off the coast of Maine. Merging his past and present,  Tadd decided to use his 20+ years of photography experience to capture the history and texture of these fishermen’s unique way of life in his new book “The Lobstermen of Little Cranberry Island”

IN FOCUS:: Tad Myers

TADD MYERS:: Photographer, father, and native Texan

ATTRIBUTES:: Meticulous –  Artistic – Technical – Craftsman

For Tadd Myers, photography is about telling a story, and 0ver 20 years he’s been working as a storyteller in the field of commercial photographry. Whether it be through one frame or a series of images, Tadd loves making photographs that speak about the subject and he’s drawn to complimentary locations that can add to a subject without dominating the final image.

Since growing up in Houston, TX in his father’s printing company, Tadd Myers has always enjoyed the meticulous nature of his business. From operating an offset press at the age of 15, he learned the importance of quality craftsmanship that has remained an important aspect throughout his life. Tadd loves photography from both a technical and an artistic standpoint. It’s this balance of technicality and artistry that helps Tadd create unique images that resonate with his viewers.


“In this day of digital media and our constant bombardment by visual clutter, it is so important to make imagery that tells its story in an elegant and unique way. Whether it’s a single still photograph or a series, I enjoy making images that successfully communicate my client’s vision.”

The grit of their hands, the choppiness of the water, the prickly shells of the lobsters, and the colors of the sunrise. When you look at these photographs, I hope you can imagine the motion of the sea, the peaceful, clean feeling of being in the open air, the seagulls flying around you, and the sense of life that surrounds you when you’re on the water.”

“Established in 1978, the Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op is a group of 28 independent fishermen (and one woman) in Little Cranberry Island, Maine. For more than 40 years, its member have live and worked in harmony with the sea. They wake before sunrise, work lond days on icy waters, and haul in their catch at the end of each day. Many come from families who have fished these waters for generations.”

“We are all bound by the ocean on this island. It creates a spirit of cooperation and neighborliness that brings us all together. It gives us a shared purpose and a shared goal of making this business work. You definitely fell like you are part of something bigger than yourself when you are on the ocean.” – Captain Steve Philbrook

The Fishermen of the Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op rely on the sea for their livelihood, and share a deep sense of responsibility to protect its resources. “Many families on Little Cranberry Island have been fishing for generations. It’s important that we practice sustainability, so the industry can preserve this way of life for future generations.”

Jonathan Partin (Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op)

Photographer – Tadd Myers –
Design – RBMM –
Copywriting – Laurie Williamson –
Retouching – Paulo Sampaio –
Paper – Monadnock Paper Mills –
Printing – Villanti Printers –
Paper Merchant – Clampitt Paper –

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