Rao’s New York is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in the country, serving authentic Italian cooking on the Upper East Side since 1896. The 10-table establishment is notoriously hard to get into, even for the who’s who of New York City.

Fortunately, they’ve recently bottled their favorite sauces so the rest of us can experience the freshness and flavor of the Rao’s Homemade family recipes handed down through the generations.

For an outdoor ad campaign in NYC, Annabelle Breakey was tasked with bringing Rao’s Homemade to life in a way that honored the company’s nostalgic history and showed off the sauce’s wholesome ingredients in a fresh and playful way.

Annabelle elaborates:

“Rao’s wanted to do a modern interpretation of their sauces, so they did this really cool splat. No plate, no nothing. One set of images was of the ingredients, and the other was of what you can make with the various sauces.”

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