A Vienna based, well-oiled machine, Staudinger + Franke merges state of the art photography, retouching, and CGI to realize every conceivable visual idea. From the first production steps to final artwork, everything is done in-house.

Every now and then, Staudinger + Franke go into detail about their complete process through the Case Studies section of their website.

One such Case Study was done for a shoot with Ölz, an Austrian bakery and market leader in pastries. The company wanted a visual to communicate that their “Toast It” pastry converts your toaster into worlds smallest bakery, and thus Staudinger + Franke set to work on creating just that.


Layout by DraftFCB Partners.

The rough approach was to realise the bakery with CGI, shoot the people, the toaster and the kitchen for the background in the studio and fit everything together. In a first step we created sketches that provided a basis for building the 3D model. As soon as the model was finished and we agreed on an angle we started shooting the people and the surrounding.


Sketches of the bakery and details.


Screenshots of the final 3D model.


Rough renderings, used to help finding the right perspective and pose at shooting the people and some props.


The busy bakers.


Final stage. The kitchen, the toaster and some elements of the bakery were done with photography. The bakery was mainly done in CGI.


Final artwork.

And voila! There you have it, the world’s smallest bakery; another masterful creation from Staudinger + Franke.

Please visit their website for more Case Studies and check out their fantastic AtEdge portfolio for more amazing commercial work.

Staudinger + Frank is represented by VISU.