Lennette Newell’s series Seduction (also known as Ani-Human in the states) will be on display at Gallery Photo12 in Paris from September 8th through October 17th. To commemorate the opening of her new show, Lennette has done a great interview with the online blog Taste of Blue Jean in which she talks about her love for animals, how her passion for photography was born, the themes behind the series, and the recent controversy of the killing of Cecil the lion.

Read the full interview here.

To see more of Lennette’s work, please visit her AtEdge portfolio and website, lennettenewell.com.

ani-human python

Ani-human python, Copyright Lennette Newell

ani-human connection series

Ani-human connection series, Copyright Lennette Newell

ani-human black panther

Ani-human black panther, Copyright Lennette Newell

ani-human cheetah

Ani-human cheetah, Copyright Lennette Newell