We are thrilled to announce that Ani-Human, a series by AtEdge photographer Lennette Newell, is now hanging at Leo Burnett London.

Lennette first connected with the agency at a 2012 AtEdge Face-to-Face event in London, where she met with Leah Mitchell, Head of Art Buying. Lennette recently contacted Leah to discuss the project and see if she would have interest in bringing Ani-Human to London after it exhibited in Volterra, Italy. With the help of Art Buyer Jo Hodge, fourteen images were selected for display a short time later.

The exhibit will be up through the 20th of October.

Ani-Human dimishes the gap between humans and wild animals, along with any hierarchy that has been imposed by the technology of man.

ani-human baboon 1561

Each subject, whether animal or human, is equal. Although, the human subject could even be seen as subservient, trying to mimic the grace and physical beauty of the animal, yet imperfectly. An observation that is emphasized by the animals’ effortless elegance placed in both a man-made studio and an environmental backdrop.

ani-human zebras mouthing off

elephant ani-human

Together without a spatial barrier, an original relationship unfolds between the animal and the human, a peaceful coexistence that is not exploited by the somatic dominance of the animal, who could in a time period of seconds curtail the humanʼs life.

ani-human cheetah

Ani-Human Racoon

Snapshots of these interactions convey a joint persistence, though it is safe to say these interactions do not persist in space and time.

White Tiger and Jumper

ani-human black panther

The series portrays the certainty that a tranquil coinhabitance can exist, and therefore the possibility that it could propagate.

More of Lennette’s work can be seen on her AtEdge Portfolio or Website.