Nikki Anne Spahn sat down with Stacey Ransom and Jason Mitchell to ask a few questions about how they create such stunning imagery together. They take us back to the beginning of their partnership and what prompted their transition from film to still imagery.

Ransom and Mitchell don’t just create your average image. They mix CG, complex composites, studio photography and more to create amazing fine art and commercial pieces. Watch the full-length interview below to get the full story and loads of advice on the industry!

About this video:

In this interview we dive deep into Stacey and Jason’s unique skillset and discuss the balance of working in both the commercial and fine art photography world.  When it comes to the work of Ransom & Mitchell their tagline is “Gravity and common sense are for suckers.” They create things that don’t exist, and that are hard to exist. What really launched them into the fine art career was a series of artist’s portraits they did. They were able to photograph artists in a similar visual representation to the artist’s style of work, while still allowing the images to retain that eye-catching Ransom & Mitchell aesthetic.

Before they set up their studio to shoot still images, they were in the cinematography world. Because of Stacey’s background as a set designer, when the team made the switch to still photography, she was beyond excited. She found it much more rewarding to create a scene that would really be appreciated in a photograph, rather than it being a fleeting moment in a film. Their work clearly retains an underlying cinematic aesthetic, particularly due to the stunning lighting seen throughout their work.

Another topic covered is the particular balance need to be both a commercial and fine art photographer. Stacey and Jason recognize that when you begin to put all your efforts into one area, the other can start to suffer. And how do they overcome that? They give some credit to their rep, and touch on the importance of having someone be your “cheerleader” in the commercial world. Because Ransom & Mitchell produce fine art work that tends to be on the darker side, they can sometimes be met with judgment in the commercial world. They do feel as if walls are put up sometimes because of their diversity in subject matter. However, these walls are broken down with the help of their rep and marketing programs like AtEdge.

AtEdge’s “white glove” approach to curating work gives photographers in the program the confidence that their images are going to be seen by high end potential clients in a beautiful and respectful manner. Receiving the physical 5 books throughout the year is a unique experience that allows creatives to see a wide variety of photographers that are all trying to push their skillset a little farther. AtEdge is also a main player in the commercial photography community because of our social media platforms and our biannual Face-to-Face events, where photographers not only get to connect with one another, but also get to sit down one-on-one to discuss their work with the top advertising creatives in the country.

To see more of Ransom & Mitchell’s work, please visit their AtEdge portfolio and website.