Annabelle Breakey teamed up with the amazing creative agency MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER to shoot Method’s recent ‘Fear No Mess’ campaign.

The assignment was 9 wild and wacky shots portraying a series of messes.

Annabelle adds:

“All the concepts were in place and there were some loose parameters– the agency had these crazy ideas– but it was up to us to make them happen in a whimsical way. We basically had free reign to execute their ideas… Photography can be quite serious sometimes and it’s really intense. Our whole goal was just to act kid-like and make these images in a really playful way, it was so liberating. We had a huge crew and it was a really long & challenging day but it was…rewarding because the team was just great to work with and it was fun to be in the playful environment where you could just make the biggest mess you want.”

Annabelle is represented by Marianne Campbell Associates. See more of her work through her AtEdge portfolio and at

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