Long-time beloved friend of AtEdge & phenomenal photographer Marc Hauser, who shot ad campaigns, celebrity portraits and commissioned portraits, recently passed on December 30.

Known for his black-and-white and vintage-style portraits, Marc’s photographs shed light on the unique personalities that make up this world. Despite the hardships he faced during his lifetime, Marc transformed his ambition into a legacy of images that continue to tell stories about the many faces that kept him inspired.

“My life is about photographing stories—personal or business. Even as a child I wanted to hear every story someone had to tell. When I was given my first camera, I started taking pictures of people as they told their stories.

So my portraits then became a memorable part of their stories.”


We offer both our condolences for his recent passing and sincerest respect for his dedication to the art form of capturing images that speak to their viewers. Marc’s impact on us, the people of Chicago and the world of photography will never be forgotten. While Marc is no longer with us, his photographs will live on as his legacy.