Photographer Lauren Vied Allen‘s *The World in a Pocket* series explores the many varieties of “pocket foods”  that can be found in different regions around the world. Ranging from dumplings to poptarts, Lauren’s visual storytelling project aims to explore how these culinary delicacies help shape cultural identity. Lauren comments:

Through visual storytelling, well-tested recipes, and conversations with pocket-makers, The World in a Pocket is devoted to shining a light on culture, stories of immigration, sustainability, tradition, innovation, and stories from the people who make our world so delicious, through the lens of a pocket. We hope to grow a community passionate about the tales behind the world’s most beloved comfort foods and the techniques to make them at home.

Lauren Allen is a visual creative focused on food and travel photography as a means of gaining a larger understanding of cultural identities while enriching her community. She documents culinary traditions, food, people, and the crossroads where they collide to create compelling photographic stories. Some of Lauren’s clients include Bon Appetit, Southern Living, Marshallberg Farms, Whetstone Magazine, Extra Crispy, Little Sous, Texas Monthly, and Duke Kunshan University. For more photography by Lauren V. Allen, check out her portfolio or website.