Robb “Big Robb,’’ grew up in Richmond, VA, and now splits his time between Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife, son, twin daughters, and two rescue dogs. He started his professional photography career at the age of 15 shooting kids sports for his local newspaper back in the film days. Robb earned his BFA in Photography from The Savannah College of Art & Design then started his career as a National and International award-winning photojournalist before making the switch to commercial photography back in 2009.

Robb specializes in large image libraries for agricultural, industrial, and healthcare clients that capture real-life moments.

I’ve always operated with a lean crew or simply by myself. I am fortunate to have clients who trust my abilities to deliver. I think the key is to work closely with the client and have a clear understanding of the brand, creative and scope of work during the pre-production period, afterwhich I can hit the ground running. I also really feel today’s travel and technology allows location photographers to live anywhere. I am no more than two flights or a Zoom call away from my clients, and we can collaborate better than ever before.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic Robb has kept busy by staying behind the camera by going out on his own and shooting large stock agricultural image libraries.

“I look out my kitchen window and see my neighbor farmers readying their planters. The agriculture business does not shut down in times of crisis. It simply cannot. Calves must be born. Cows must be milked. Seeds must be planted, and so much more. I have always been proud to capture images that tell the story of my agriculture community, but today I am particularly grateful for the experience of being a (small) part of this industry, so critically important to our very survival.”

Most recently, Robb has been capturing images of his children experiencing self-isolation with his iPhone at their home in rural America titled a LONG Time Home, which was later featured in Lurzer’s Archive’s What Now? 

I have three small children and the selfisolation of the pandemic is hard on everyone, but my children are too young to remember this time with no visits from friends, trips to the zoo, hugs from grandparents, and no breaks for mom and dad.

So I decided to document their lives in these authentic decisive moments practicing self-isolation with my iphone.

The feeling I get reminds me of photos shot during the Great Depression and think that coincides well with what we’re all trying to live through today.”

To see more of Robb’s work please visit his website here and to follow his LONG time home series::  Instagram
He will be sharing his ongoing work in his AtEdge portfolio as well as his Linkedin