I was privileged to be invited on to the @lastpicturepod podcast with hosts @teresafaephoto and @kristywalkerphoto to discuss my conceptual narrative and illustrative style of photography and more specifically my Plastic Surf project. Both of these girls are good friends and great photographers who I met through my association with Leucadia Photoworks, when I moved to San Diego in the fall of 2016. Although I’ve had the pleasure of presenting and speaking to others before, this was a first for me to be on a podcast.

We met at their studio in Encinitas and had a good time reminisce about the adventures that happen behind the camera lens when making a photo. There’s something about vocalizing your thoughts and efforts from what inspires you and to who has influenced your work that makes listening to this podcast so enjoyable. It’s also a little strange to hear yourself and what you might sond like to others, but with that aside and trying to focus on what’s really impiortant; the photos and the podcast. I had a great time and was honored to be a guest on their show. Now that I’ve had this experience, I’ll look forward to the next opprotunity.

I’ve been a fan of listening to other photographers share their experiences and influences, so if you’re like me, and like listening to other photographers talk about their work, then listen to episode #9 and tell me what you think. Hopefully those I talked about who have been mentors, influences and others who are apart of my stories (Uncle Randy) and who I am as a photographer (my amazing wife) won’t be too offended with what was talked about.

To listen to the eposide, visit iTunes, The Last Picture Podcast wesbite or any of your other favorit sites, which will allow you to search for “The Last Picture” podcast or click on one of these links.

I’d love to hear what you thought as this was my first go at a podcast, so drop me an e-mail or leave a comment, letting me know what I need to do or say for next time.

The Last Picture PodcastThe Last Picture PodcastThe Last Picture Podcast

The Last Picture Podcast