Jacob Watts is a photo-illustrator and Photoshop-wizard based out of Chicago. His extensive collection of work consists of imaginative, surreal, and composited works created from his own images. Harnessing his photography and retouching skills, Watts constructs images that are collaged together to make astonishing photo-illustrations.

His latest project was a creative and narrative production for the band Gramps the Vamp, inspired by the Netflix show Stranger Things. With the band members taking on the personas of Eleven, Dustin, Hopper, Lucas and other Hawkins residents, the finished products are special for fans of the band and fans of the show. The entire set is a perfect representation of how Watts seamlessly blends his talents for photography and photo-illustration.

You can see more of Jacob Watts (and his Gramps the Vamp shoot) on his AtEdge portfolio or on his website.