A shared vision is the most powerful place to create from.

To us, a collaborative spirit means fundamentally believing that by connecting earlier on we can produce stronger, more authentic visuals. Our process starts long before a project even happens by connecting with the individuals involved to better understand where everyone is coming from.

A shared vision is the most powerful place to create from.

– Lupine & Sarah

Intrigued by color, drawn in by fragrance

We tasked ourselves to create a full print campaign for a liquid soap brand with four distinct fragrances.

From Pre-visualization to final deliverables, we set out to outline how we collaborate and work with a client.

Four bottles stood side by side looking like a tiny superhero team awaiting direction…

We wanted to point the spotlight squarely on the product and package design. Each Smartly liquid dish soap bottle has a special scent and color. Each glossy white label references a different organic-based shape.

We started by smelling each scent and taking note of its name and color. We asked ourselves what kind of person would be drawn to each?

Then we matched their scents with recipes, colors, and textures. We wanted to invite the viewer to play along and create their own story about who made these messes.

Finally, we created a world that could blend both the happy, graphic product shots with the real food messes that illustrate the superpower of a good dish soap.

Our job is to create strong visual stories and what we are creating is a process for better supporting the brands and agencies that we work with.

Putting The Tools To Work

To be efficient and authentic we tested and crafted a universal lighting look that we used for both the product and mess shots. We hand drew and cut out stencils based on the label designs and once stuck down on set things got messy!

Our goal is to arrive on set with both a clear vision and an openness to experimentation. We approach each and every project with joy because let’s face it, this stuff is fun! Who wouldn’t like making messes with real food?

This is what alchemy looks like.


In a traditional approach, conversations generally start with an inquiry for a shoot and end when the final files are delivered. Our goal is to treat our collaborators as friends and offer support that extends far beyond the basic structure of any given project.

Collaborating, whether it be in person or remotely is all about building trust and keeping lines of communication open.
The more we are able to communicate and align before, during, and after a project, the more we can successfully move through a remote shoot with that “in-person” feeling of connection.

Ultimately, we want the imagery that we create to have this balance — narratives that are charged with possibility but also the beneficiary of balance and zen.

For this is where we find we are most empowered to create something unexpected, that has been nurtured and fostered under the umbrella of an alchemic, collaborative spirit.

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