Seattle based photographer, Sarah Flotard shares a photo-essay tapping into summer’s delicious bounty.

It’s a filmmaker’s eye that food and lifestyle photographer Sarah Flotard brings to her projects — plus a natural ability to lend intimacy and energy to every one of her images.

“Shooting “summer” food is all about saturated color and texture, so it’s always been my favorite season to shoot.  Green beans that are blanched, deep red tomatoes, fuzzy peaches, steaks flashed on the grill – everything at the height of freshness.  The challenge of food photography is to look at each dish and consider what makes it sexy and bring that out in the creative; play to each ingredient’s strength.  Summer foods however, seem to lob what makes them deliciously appealing right at you and like most innately beautiful things, need very little coaxing to be just that.” – Sarah

“When working with clients, I like to be brought in as early as possible in the creative process.   There will always be a push and pull between what’s creatively feasible and a realistic budget.  Coming into the conversation early, brainstorming ways to make the most out of every shoot day, always helps finesse that balance.   It’s a great feeling to leave a shoot knowing that your client is happy, got every shot on that list, and it was done with fluid collaboration and teamwork.” – Sarah

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