Computer-generated imagery reshapes the ways we process visual material by using advanced manipulation techniques to blend reality with imaginary in ways we would have never dreamed possible just a few decades ago. As CGI and post-production firms now offer highly-advanced virtual enhancements for everything ranging from video games to commercials to scientific renderings and beyond, special effects will continue to have a major impact on the visual communication industry in the coming years. The following project examples from our CGI and post-production firms Third Eye Studio, Saddington Baynes, Alice Blue, Boom CGI, Trident Post Production, Filtre Studio, Garrigosa Studio, and Giannini Creative serve to introduce our key players in this revolutionary field, highlighting some of the many ways editing techniques can improve how we tell stories, market products, develop influential artwork, and promote innovative ways of viewing the world.

These masters in the dark arts of visual communication transform rudimentary visions into digital imagery. Their expertise in CGI, retouching, and animation allows them to make the impossible real using a potent mixture of technology, creativity, and pure alchemy.

The following “T-Mall” motion project was designed for a Chinese shopping website similar to Amazon, where Third Eye Studio was tasked with modeling all of the props that make up each scenario in order to introduce some of the company’s available products. Below the motion clip are some of the Studio’s retouching samples developed for Samsung, Ford, and Jägermeister.

Saddington Baynes believes in creating memorable experiences through emotion and engagement, knowing that these interactions are what make their client partners stand out in highly-competitive marketplaces. As the original pioneers of digital retouching back in 1991, their fully-integrated production services encompass CGI, motion, shoot production, and virtual reality. Saddington Baynes strives to constantly innovate new ways of stretching technical boundaries, where their unique Engagement Insights® service – a world-first for a production company – even allows them to measure the emotional impact of imagery before a campaign launches.

Designed for Acadia, the following motion project was developed to visually depict the hallucinations and delusions that patient’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease psychosis experience daily. The animation aims to show how the drug can pacify the psychotic effects on the brain through transforming, reconfiguring, and fading as the drug takes effect. The imagery below the clip is marketing material created for O2, Strongbow, and Asics.

Alice Blue is an integrated production studio that uses a collaborative approach to content creation, where the combined efforts of their expert team members offer a synergistic combination of specialties. Partnering with a wide range of agencies, corporations, and photographers all over the country, Alice Blue has established a national reputation for uniting design sensibilities, photography, CGI and post-production to create engaging advertisements for both the motion and print industry.

The following cinemagraph was designed for the launch of JNSQ Wines’ new brand, where this enchanting project involved combining stunning visuals with a hint of animation to incorporate a mild yet tasteful glimmer of motion graphics into photography stills. Below the cinemagraph is graphic content Alice Blue produced for VDOT, Lights On, and ERLA Ortho.

Boom CGI facilitates pre-production, character design, CGI illustration, animation, and post-production project formulation across the entertainment, advertising, and medical industries. Their combined experience of over 50 years signifies their expertise in working with all types of platforms, approaches, and budgets.

The following telephonic android was developed for the cover of London’s Time Out Magazine to commission the opening of the Science Museum’s robot exhibition. After designing this character through combining London’s iconic telephone box with a Transformer-style robot, they spiced up this experimental rendering with some animation, where the project’s online edition ended up becoming Time Out’s most clicked-on cover of the year. Below Boom CGI’s animated robot, we have work samples designed for QT Therapy, Citroen, and a festive character animation created just for fun.

TPP is an award-winning post-production house working to integrate broadcast and print into one seamless vision. Their expertise in sports photography, promoting athletic products, and retouching outdoor visuals translates into high-energy graphics that attract a wide variety of audiences.

The following project designed for Bauer Vapor Skates highlights TPP’s ability to transform simple visionary projects into attention-grabbing works of art. The retouch samples below were developed for IceBreakers, Miller High Life, and Costa Del Mar Collection.

Filtre Studio’s primary focus is high-end creative image retouching and CGI for advertising agencies, design firms, and photographers. Their projects range from simple color correction to complex multi-image composites that sometimes involve combining 10 images or more.

This behind-the-scenes clip offers an inside look at their rendering process, where the final product of their “Road Trip” project ended up winning Luerzer Archive Magazine’s 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide contest. With the exception of the eager dog, all elements were designed, modeled, and rendered in 3D. Below the video clip are some of Filtre Studio’s projects developed for the Chicago Shedd Aquarium, for Wow!, and for AON Risk Solutions.

Garrigosa Studio has won more than 125 international awards over the past 27 years of work. Team Joan Garrigosa (Photographer & Founder) and Alex Torrens (Digital Artist & Art Director) have collaborated for more than 15 years, specializing in “postproduction photography but with photo realistic results.” Both have adapted very well to the fast change between traditional and digital photography, where in the demanding world of advertising is taking more weight especially with the entrance of the Postproduction & CGI.

Giannini Creative is a collective of some of the advertising industry’s top artists specializing in CGI for animation and print, creative retouching, illustration, design and pre-media services. Giannini Creative provides agencies with several compelling benefits: lower costs, stronger and more consistent creative execution, and the convenience of working with a single creative partner across all media platforms.

CGI opens a world of unlimited possibilities, allowing us to go above and beyond what we’ve ever been able to create in the history of communication technology. Let these mind-blowing CGI and retouch samples serve as a reminder to take your next project to new limits, where working with these production studios to bring your vision to life may be just the push you need to break down your outreach barriers.

For more artwork samples, follow the links to view these studio’s portfolios: Third Eye Studio, Saddington Baynes, Alice Blue, Boom CGI, Trident Post-Production,& Filtre Studio.