The last Face-to-Face event of 2016 recently took place two months ago at The Marquette Hotel’s Windows at Minnesota, the newly renovated banquet space on top of the tallest skyscraper in Minnesota. AtEdge photographers used this occasion to present their portfolios to a group of 20 hand-picked creatives, art directors, and producers from all the top Minneapolis ad agencies.

Face-to-Face events are held twice a year— each spring in New York, and in alternate cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco & London in the fall. The events provide an opportunity for busy creatives to link up with groundbreaking photographers in a tranquil and casual environment, complete with sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Making new connections and revitalizing old relationships is what Face-to-Face is all about. Please contact Elizabeth Owen, President of AtEdge, if you are interested in attending a future Face-to-Face.

We’re so grateful to all the following industry creatives that brought the renowned Midwest charm to our event:

Jenny Barnes | Content Producer | Carmichael Lynch
Amie Butler | Creative Producer | JT Mega
Lisa Crawford | Creative Producer | KNOCK
Eric Husband | Creative Director | Solve
Katie Husband | Senior Producer | Periscope
Kevin Johnston | Director of Digital Production | Fallon
Chris Lange | Founder/Managing Creative Director | Mono
Heather McQueen | Senior Producer | Martin Williams
Natasha Nikolai | Senior Integrated Media Producer | Target
Kym Ohna | Creative Director | Periscope
Jake Pasterski | Design Director | Target
Chris Peters | Senior Art Producer | Colle+McVoy
Matt Pruett | Group Creative Director | Olson
Pamala Saturn | Art Production Manager | BBDO
Erika Schumacher | Art Production Director | Mono
Puja Shah | Associate Creative Director | Carmichael Lynch
MK Smith | Integrated Producer | Olson
Adam St. John | Associate Creative Director | Colle+McVoy
Anne Taylor | ACD, Art Director | Preston Kelly
Jeff Tresidder | VP/Group Creative Director | Martin Williams

This accomplished group of creatives works with leading brands like Walmart, US Bank, Target, Talenti Gelato, General Mills, Walgreen’s, Subaru, Invisalign, 3M, Hormel, LensCrafters and much more.

“Creatives & buyers get so bombarded by emails, etc., so having an in-person event that goes beyond the usual ‘Check out our latest work…’ really helps us appreciate both the photography and the person behind it.”

Eric Husband, Creative Director, Solve

L to R: Photographers (Dana Hursey in the background) Paul Elledge, Matt Sartain & Brooke Embry with Puja Shah of Carmicheal Lynch

L to R: Photographers (Dana Hursey in the background) Paul Elledge, Matt Sartain & Brooke Embry of Embry Rucker with Puja Shah of Carmicheal Lynch

Jason Mitchell, photographer

Photographer Jason Mitchell of Ransom & Mitchell making connections

“I always find the Face to Face events to be one of my more important marketing tools. They get me in front of creatives that I might not have otherwise connected with otherwise. The quality of the events are always top-notch and I know I’ll only be meeting with the highest caliber art buyers/creative directors.”

Dana Hursey, Photographer

Puja Shah (left) with Andrea Donadio/RAD Represents (photographer Lisa Predko shown from the back)

L to R: Puja Shah of Carmichael Lynch meets with Andrea Donadio/RAD Represents and photographer Lisa Predko

“Loved the range and talent that came through. It was wonderful meeting the person behind the photographs. Learning about the process and the back story really helps you remember and appreciate it more.”

Puja Shah, Associate Creative Director, Carmichael Lynch

MK Smith with David Matheson

David Matheson shows MK Smith of Olson some of his recent work

Candace Gelman (agent)

Candace Gelman (agent)

“AtEdge creates the perfect environment for meeting creatives. It is always a thrilling and exciting night and extremely rewarding to watch creatives go nuts over your work.”

Bonnie Holland, Photographer

Photographer Damian Siqueiros meeting with Kym Ohna

Photographer Damian Siqueiros presents his work to Kym Ohna of Periscope

“I loved how well orchestrated the evening was. The break in the middle came at the right time and gave everyone an opportunity to engage in conversation with attendees they were not paired with. I have a much greater appreciation for the work when I understand the photographer’s background and personality.”

Natasha Nikolia, Senior Integrated Media Producer, Target

Carlos Rios, photographer

Carlos Rios, photographer

Photographer Lucian McAfee meeting with Chris Lange

L to R: Photographer Lucian McAfee in deep conversation with Chris Lange of Mono

“I loved that the photographers I met with had work that was relevant to the clients I work with.”

Lisa Crawford, Creative Producer, KNOCK