Photographer Julian Calverley‘s *North NorthWest* book captures the breathtaking landscapes that make up the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Using craft binding, embossing techniques, and employing super high definition print reproduction, this book allows the reader to fully engage with Julian’s beautifully rich landscape works. After winning both “Best British Book” and “Book of the Year” at the 2019 British Book Design & Production Awards, the judges commented:

Even amongst the highest of competition, this entry captivated us. There was not one element that did not fit in. The book was seamlessly put together as a whole with beautiful production and design, making it a truly worthy winner.

About the Author

With a personal love for the great outdoors and over three decades of experience in professional photography, Julian Calverley has become one of the UK’s most revered landscape photographers. Hooked from an early age by the breath-taking beauty of the Scottish Highlands, he has carved out a unique cinematic style of landscape photography that is instantly recognizable.

Julian is drawn to the light quality that autumn and winter bring, repeatedly working at dawn and dusk, experiencing the spirit of a place as the sun rises and sets. Visiting these environments time and time again, often in extreme weather, allows him to witness the elements in all their different states. One element in particular – water, both in liquid and cloud form – features heavily in his compositions. By using long shutter speeds, Julian brings the movement of water into his landscape work, harnessing the beauty and motion of mountain rivers, streams, shorelines and skies.

His extensive post-production skills are then applied, with many hours devoted to each image. As a result, the finished pieces command a theatrical air, their atmospheric conditions beautifully observed.

To view more photography by Julian Calverley, check out his website or portfolio.