This year’s Macroview 20 cover by Kurt Iswarienko explores how movement and texture can be used to bring a photograph to life. While capturing just the right amount of motion needed to give an image depth without taking away from its clarity can sometimes be a tricky skill, Kurt’s years of experience shooting high-energy visuals have taught him how to utilize these sorts of experimental techniques to consistently produce imagery that is compelling, bold, and uniquely charming. Kurt comments:

In this shoot for *C California Style & Culture Magazine*, I used a hand held Red Camera and a 14mm Sigma to capture [model] Meng Meng in constant motion. The distortion of the wide lens and the strange but beautiful frozen movement of the large format motion picture camera captured the texture and movement of [Creative Fashion Director] Alison Edmond’s amazing style in a way I don’t think would have been the same on a traditional camera.

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When this year’s book hit Creative Art Director’s desks, they were equally as drawn to the captivating style of Kurt’s hypnotic lifestyle image. There’s something truly mesmerizing about the way this cover uses creative perspective to give a two-dimensional image three-dimensional qualities. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how magnificently beautiful this shot looks on the print edition of our Macroview 20!

Kurt’s pictures are story driven. He elicits a trust with his subjects, yielding a natural unguarded performance in his images. From intimate portraits of the world’s most prolific actors, to global ad campaigns for brands as diverse as Uniqlo and Netflix, Kurt uncovers an emotionally charged connection with his subjects. His extensive background in film lighting ¬†adds a level of sophistication and depth to his atmospheric film-like images.

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