Written by :: Francesca Galesi 

Photographer Andy Anderson is an epic storyteller who seamlessly captures the world around him with an arresting visual style that is both honest and direct. His sincere love for humanity is clear with each and every shot.  AtEdge is proud to share Andy’s very personal work-in-progress titled My Town Series.

I have lived in a small Idaho town for almost 30 years, it’s a town full of wonderful authentic hard-working folks. I love my town but COVID 19 has affected all Americans in some way and has put undue hardships on us all. My work as a photographer always has me traveling out of state, that’s changed for me and most people for the time being. Photography has always been my safe place, its helps me communicate, it helps me with the human connection, the connection that binds us all, and since I cannot travel. I thought I would reconnect with my town and the people that surround me through photos. So over the next few however days, weeks I’ll be posting portraits of these wonderful humans. They all have a place in OUR world and hopefully, it will make you pause and think about this strange period and how that is affecting your community and the people that surround you and hopefully, we will never pass this way again.   – Andy Anderson –

His passion for his work is only paralleled by his genuine interest in the people he works with. He is wonderful at getting to know people and keeping in touch. And for Andy, it is not about getting more work, but instead, sharing ideas, being inspired and staying friends.  –  Heather Elder

A wonderful short documentary on Andy by Yeti & Orvis can be found above

The series continues on Andy’s Instagram:: website // Instagram