Award-winning commercial photographer and film director Michael Grecco is no stranger to being around celebrities. He’s worked with them to create his iconic portraits, innovative magazine covers, editorial images and advertising spreads. But this time, he’s worked with some of the biggest celebrities in television to create something entirely different.

As a photographer who appreciates both stills and motion footage, Michael has been exploring ways of merging them together. In the past few months he has created a number of engaging cinemagraphs for a variety of projects. But it’s not just Michael that has been using these new living pictures; cinemagraphs have been quickly gaining popularity among large brands for social media use, too.

In fact, for this year’s Emmy Awards, Michael Grecco teamed up with Flixel, makers of the Cinemagraph Pro Software, to create live cinemagraphs – in only 12 frames or less – of the celebrities and award-winners for the Television Academy’s social media channels.

Michael says,

One of the favorite parts of my job is the creative problem solving that has to happen for any photoshoot. Problem solving is something I am known for and I love it. I was asked by Flixel Studios to create a backstage studio at the Emmy’s to shoot cinemagraphs for the Television Academy’s social media images at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. The challenge here was to figure out how to make a dynamic motion and a dynamic still element, the two components needed for a great cinemagraph.

The motion element needs stability and consistency, it begs for for a tripod and a stable scenario. The still element of the talent needs both flexibility and excitement, the exact opposite of the motion element. Are you wondering how I created these images in 12 frames or less, please reach out to me at and I will personally tell you.

You can see much more of Michael’s work through his AtEdge Portfolio and at