Mark Mawson is a London based advertising, art photographer and director with over 30 years experience producing beautiful, creative, and inspiring pictures specializing in liquid photography and his signature ‘liquid-scapes’.

I had the idea for my  liquid series after watching milk being poured into coffee. I was fascinated by the shapes it created as the milk and coffee blended together. I had seen lots of ink and water shots but wanted to try something different. I really enjoy creating beautiful, colourful and interesting shapes with the liquids. 

Around 2004, I decided to play around with densities of paints in a fish tank using high speed photography. The effect was beyond my expectations, and  my first series titled ‘Aqueous’ was born.

The hypnotic imagery follows the journey of paint as it plunges underwater — the submerged forms exposing the aftermath of mixing, dropping, and spinning various colored liquids in water. The result creates brilliant mesmerizing frozen motion imagery, capturing billowing shapes and silhouettes swirling and rippling through a vast background with an otherwordly effect.

Brands picked up on the incredible response to Mawson’s experimental imagery.
Valspar Paints first knocked on his door, followed by a slew of other brands, which includes Sherwin Williams, McDonald’s, The Gap, Prada, Gucci, Nespresso and Starbucks to name a few.

Mark’s drive to create and experiment continues as he delves into motion and further pushes the boundaries with his various liquid series.

“Film titles would be a really cool gig. A dream job would be like the ultimate James Bond title sequence.” – Mark Mawson.

We absolutely agree!

More of Mark’s work can be seen here: