This past weekend marked the Global Resource Alliance’s annual fundraising event in Ojai, California, which showcased an exhibit of imagery captured by photographer Justin Bastien during the GRA’s first ever Heart of Africa Eco-Safari. The GRA was founded in 2002 to provide financial and technical support to community organizations in the world’s least developed regions working for social, economic, and environmental change. Their non-profit organization is committed to building a world based on “respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.”

These stunning photographs offer an inside look at the individuals benefiting from the organization’s support, where understanding the stories of those that have struggled to make ends meet at the hands of economic hardship puts the organization’s mission into perspective. Through being able to include visuals that helps tell these stories, attendees can effectively link their contributions to the smiling faces hanging in the event’s exhibit.

Photographer Justin Bastien comments:

A BIG thank you to all of the friends, family and supporters who attended the Global Resource Alliance fundraiser this weekend in Ojai. It’s so good to see so many great people supporting this incredible organization. The work GRA is doing in Tanzania with Orphans, Tree Planting, Permaculture and Herbal Medicine is mind blowing and so needed. It gives me hope in humanity and the future. Keep the love flowing…

To check out more of Justin Bastien’s photography, view his portfolio here.