Photographer Jacob Pritchard’s documentary project shot for the New York Times follows artist Angel Otero – a Puerto Rican painter that draws inspiration from his origins. While Angel has been creating vibrant works of art in New York for close to a decade, he has come to the realization that it’s time for him to direct his creative drive towards contributing the reconstruction of his homeland. After 2017’s devastating Hurricane Maria destroyed majority of what once governed the island’s cultural scene, Puerto Rico has been left to pick up what little pieces remain.

In response to this unfortunate catastrophe, Angel has decided to move back early this summer to open a second gallery designed to inspire an artistic resurgence amongst the locals. Angel comments, “A lot of young people are bringing amazing things back to the island. I want to be a part of this moment. I want to see what can happen if I am physically there, working and engaging with people.”

As Jacob explores the artist’s solo exhibition “Milagros” (which translates to “Miracles” in English) at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Manhattan, he captures an inside look at the works of art that pay homage to Angel’s upbringing – where adding compelling visuals into the article‘s written content helps bring Angel’s journey to life.

This collaborative storytelling project allows readers to relate to Angel’s cultural passion through exploring the symbolic details in his visionary artwork, demonstrating how attention-grabbing imagery can be utilized to help establish an all-encompassing perspective.

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