Putting the ‘Edge’ in At-Edge

Introducing RC Rivera: RC recently put up his new website, and it’s everything we’d expect and more from a photographer with such a sharp eye and clean aesthetic. From pizza to robots, RC is an international man of mystery who brings his own unique edge to the world of commercial photography.

IN FOCUS:: RC Rivera

RC RIVERA:: Robot-owner, Motorcyclist, Pizza Chef

ATTRIBUTES:: Maverick – Pragmatic – ‘film nouveau’

Classical style meets modern edge.

Renato Carlos (RC) Rivera¬† is a photographer, director & imaging specialist based in San Francisco, CA and Manila, Philippines. People, places, and things. If it’s a noun, he shoots it. His specialities are beauty, sport lifestyle and tech world, where his unique angles and lighting really shine. A self-proclaimed expat army brat, he was born in Pasig City in Manila, and returned for 2 years of Industrial Design before dropping out of school and the country altogether. From there it was Jersey -> NYC -> Brooklyn -> and eventually San Fran. We’re not sure if it’s his industrial design background or his endless city swapping, but RC has sharpened his unique style into hairsplitting accuracy. Clean, international, dynamic. RC has edge.

Represented by ViV MGMT.

In Focus: RC Rivera, At-Edge Photographer

When he’s not behind the camera, he can be found tinkering on a motorcycle, trying to whip up something from the momofuku cookbook, checking kayak.com for last minute travel deals, and/or annoying his wife and two sons.


“This is a photographer with a passion for the conceptual and a knack for the technical who can light anything you put in front of him. Whether it’s shooting athletes or still life and portraiture, he loves to push boundaries and knows precisely how to pull it off. “


UFC Andrew Chapman

In Focus: RC Rivera, At-Edge Photographer

FC Golden Gate

In Focus: RC Rivera, At-Edge Photographer

Powder ‘Baseball’

In Focus: RC Rivera, At-Edge Photographer

Powder ‘Tennis’

In Focus: RC Rivera, At-Edge Photographer

SoFi Money

To see more of RC’s clean and commercial aesthetic, visit his online portfolio on At-Edge and follow him on social media.