I Still Remain is a film that inspects and explores the inner workings, insights and inspirations of a man driven and informed by his previous two fights with cancer. The first, as a teenager, the second, just two years removed.

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Cancer Survivor: Braulio Fonseca

Director: Jason Lindsey
Concept: Jason Lindsey
Writer: Braulio Fonseca
Voice Over: Braulio Fonseca
Producer: Talia Watkins
Director of Photography: Jason Lindsey and Myles Beeson

Editorial provided by: Lucky Post
Sai Selvarajan: Editor
Alex Histerkamp: Assistant Editor
Jessica Berry: Executive Producer
Scottie Richardson: Audio Mix

Original Music
Curtis Heath: Composer

Color Correction Services provided by: Company 3 Chicago
Tyler Roth: Colorist
Joel Signer: CO3 Producer
Tara Reeves: CO3 Production Coordinator
Zachary Korpi: Assistant Colorist

Sandro Medici
Rob Gregory
Anna Stoffels
Hanna Walkowaik
Jan Salazar