Hats off to one of our best Face-To-Face events ever! Over 30 of Chicago’s top art producers and creatives joined 50 AtEdge photographers plus their agents for a full day of personal portfolio meetings and exclusive networking at the Montgomery Club. 


If this is the first time you’ve heard about Face-to-Face, there are a few key things you should know. These events pair AtEdge photographers with senior-level creative decision makers in major advertising markets across the country. The art buyers we bring in are responsible for some of the largest commercial budgets in the world, and the AtEdge team takes the time to match each photographer with the most relevant creatives based on the work they are both doing. In a world dominated by electronic interactions, the chance to make personal connections with influential decision makers helps our photographers get a foot in the door and gives them an advantage when competing for future projects. A 20-minute introductory meeting will often lead to major campaigns and long-term business connections down the line.  

In addition to the portfolio meetings, photographers and creatives are also able to mingle over breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Some of the most authentic connections are made during this downtime. Relationships are not only forged between creatives and photographers, but also photographer to photographer. It’s a great chance to get to know your peers—some of the most innovative commercial content makers working today.  


Participating photographers must be current members in the AtEdge program. Two events take place each year and space is limited. Our next Face-to-Face will be in New York in May 2019. Please contact Elizabeth Owen, President of AtEdge, if you are interested in finding out more about the program.


We want to express our gratitude to the following Chicago producers and creatives who helped make this event such a success, and opened their agency doors to our photographers throughout the week: 


Stuart Ashner | Sr Producer | Arc Worldwide 

Jack Barnette | Art Producer | Laughlin Constable

Danae Belanger | Assoc Creative Director | O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul 

Don Dunn | Assoc Creative Director | Arc Worldwide 

Donna Foster | Assoc Creative Director | Arc Worldwide 

Alex Frenkel | Producer | McGarryBowen 

Nolan Garrido | Creative Director/Design Director  

Theo Hild | Senior Art Director | AbelsonTaylor 

Tim Hogan | Creative Director | R/GA 

Christen James | Art Producer | McGarryBowen 

Carl Koestner  | Assoc Creative Director | Burrell 

Lisa Kunst | Sr Producer | Leo Burnett 

Melissa Le Nicol | Sr Art Producer | Cramer-Krasselt 

Allie Magill | Sr Producer | FCB 

Marlene Marino |Senior Producer | Leo Burnett USA 

Bill Matznick | SVP, Grp Creative Director | Y&R/Cavalry 

Liz Miller-Gershfeld | VP/Sr Art Producer | Energy BBDO 

Nathan Monteith | Creative Director | DDB Chicago 

Kurt Riemersma | Creative Director | DDB Chicago 

Sari Rowe | “Assoc Director Art Production” | VSA Partners 

Kristen Schwanz | Creative Director | Leo Burnett 

Nick Sesto | Art Director | Energy BBDO 

Jeannie Slezak | Producer | FCB 

Kates Smiles | VP Print Producer | Young & Rubicam 

Phil Smith | VP, Sr Producer | Laughlin Constable 

Erika Snell | Assoc Creative Director| Abelson Taylor 

Rick Standley | Creative Director | Cramer-Krasselt 

Melanie Trombley | Art Producer / Art Buyer | AbelsonTaylor 

Carolyn Tubekis | Sr Art Director | Young & Rubicam 

Melinda West | Sr Producer | The Marketing Store 

Chrystine Witherspoon | Assoc Partner/Creative Director | VSA Partners 


This Chicago Face-to-Face was extra special not only because of the amazing talent that was gathered in one room, but also because of AtEdge’s partnership with Grey House Productions. Thanks to Hannah Soto and her team for hosting a marvelous after-party at their studio, where everyone relaxed with cocktails and really mingled in a fun and casual setting.  

(L to R) Lisa Kunst, Senior Producer of Leo Burnett Group, meeting with photographer Nathan Kirkman.

“I loved being able to meet the photographers in person and discuss their creative process. Attending this offsite event allows you to focus on the meeting and photographers’ work without distractions.” ~ Lisa Kunst

(L to R) Photographer Yuya Parker showing his work to Bill Matznick.

“I really liked the structure – many of these events are chaotic and make it difficult to have a conversation – the pairing and timed meetings make it much more productive for the agencies and the photographers.” ~ Bill Matznick, Senior VP & Group CD, at Cavalry

(R to L) Photographer Kevin Steele, presents his work to Jeannie Slezak, producer at FCB.

“Having recently been awarded a large job that was a result of the creatives finding me in the AtEdge book, I was energized to keep the momentum going. One of my meetings at F2F resulted in being asked to come by the agency office the following day to meet a creative director on a possible new account for me.” ~ Kevin Steele

(L to R) Photographer Dana Hursey connecting with the VP/ Senior AD of Energy BBDO, Liz Miller-Gershfield.

“I always feel like I am meeting with the cream of the crop when I attend AtEdge Face-to-face. It’s not just another “Portfolio Review” it’s an “Event” where real connections are made.” ~ Dana Hursey

Stuart Ashner (middle), Senior Producer at Arc Worldwide, meeting with Vegard Breie (right) and his rep Brooke Embry from Tidepoolreps (left).

“Love the format. Gives talent just enough time to provide real insight to their work.”  ~ Stuart Ashner

(L to R) Erika Snell, ACD at Abelson Taylor meeting with Meredith Ott of Alice Blue Studios and her agent Ralph Mennemeyer.

“Great event! Truly worth the effort, cost and investment.” ~ Meredith Ott

(L to R) Melinda West, Senior Producer at Marketing Store & We are Unlimited, meeting with Joe Pellegrini.

“I loved just carving an afternoon out to meet a handful of new talent all at once.” ~ Melinda West

Photographer Chris Edwards meeting with Liz Miller-Gershfeld, VP& Senior AD of Energy BBDO.

“All of the photographers I met with were curated at a high level, a few were really magical, and I appreciated and enjoyed seeing their work and meeting them.” ~ Liz Miller-Gershfeld

(L to R) Carolyn Tubekis, Senior AD at Y&R, Kristen Schwanz & Donna Foster, ACD’s of Leo Burnett Group, Kate Smiles, VP of Print Production at Y&R toasting during the lunch break.

“I can’t think of anything that would make this better.” ~ Kates Smiles