Photographer Adrian Mueller’s brand new *Drinks with Friends* project captures a classic evening encounter, where the quintessential beverages that govern nighttime table talk are presented with expert attention to detail. Adrian’s hypnotic shots unite light and shadow with captivating ease, giving these still life images an alluring depth. The following visuals demonstrate both Adrian’s observant eye for compelling juxtaposition and impressive mastery over the art form of liquid photography.

Adrian initially studied architectural engineering growing up in Lucerne, Switzerland. He was eventually drawn to photography due to the similarities in both fields: namely clean lines, concise structures, and how light reflects off surfaces.

Adrian aims to develop images that connect with a viewer’s personal memories, hoping that someone looking at his photographs will be moved to pause and remember a certain smell, taste, or experience. As demonstrated in this *Drinks with Friends* project, Adrian’s passion for meticulous detail is reflected in his ability to produce imagery that is both aesthetically-appealing and relatable, where one can’t help but find themselves suddenly yearning for a night out on the town.

For more of Adrian Mueller’s work samples, check out his portfolio.