Downie Photography is a Cleveland, Ohio based photography and filmmaking team composed of Jeff, Em, and Cassie. Whether in the studio or traveling around the world, they each make imagery that celebrates the beauty of life, the beauty of fashion, and the beauty of laughter.

This is Jeff

JEFF DOWNIE :: Photographer, Humble(ish) Founder

ATTRIBUTES:: Passionate – Compassionate – Theoretical Grizzly-slayer

Just like every photographer should, Jeff graduated RIT, taught photography at Seacamp oceanography camp in the Florida Keys for 6 months, and then went pro—eventually founding Downie Photo in 2011. Jeff’s working style is relational: he’s naturally kind and personable. So, he gets to know and appreciate a talent’s singular personality, creates a safe and accepting atmosphere, and then gives them the freedom to let their unique personality shine.  Don’t worry, he also has plenty of good bourbon!

WHO IS JEFF DOWNIE :: Photographer, Humble(ish) Founder


This is Emily

EMILY METZGER :: Awkward Commercial Photographer

ATTRIBUTES :: Approachable – Nurturing – Technology Illiterate

Emily is a graduate of Ohio University. She met Jeff in 2012 and has been his wing-woman ever since.
Emily’s working style is versatile and collaborative. No matter your role, all ideas are welcome … and of course laughter.
You will usually find her awkwardly dancing and never to the beat. Strong, Brave & Girl Power.

PSA – Please refrain from using large pretentious technical terms. Just be human.


This is Cassie

CASSIE WOLF :: Commercial Photographer and lover of all things

ATTRIBUTES :: Kind – Compassionate – Strong like Bull

Cassie graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with an emphasis in photography. She made Downie Photography her forever home in 2016 and decided she is never leaving. Cassie’s working style is free-flowing; cultivating an open and nurturing environment that gives the photographer and talent a fun space to let singular moments emerge and be captured, all while making bad jokes and laughing throughout the day.



Hey, so you know that feeling—in those fleeting, all-to-rare moments—when you feel seen and heard and appreciated and connected and completely in control but also, somehow entirely free to let your guard down to be yourself?  Well, that feeling is why we do what we do. We’re Downie Photo. And we take pride in making people feel good.  Yes, of course, we love photography (and we do it well to quite well)—but the genuine, beautiful, altogether human moments we capture are a direct result of the relationships we’ve fostered between each other, our clients, our talent, our crew, and basically anyone we come into contact with. Our deepest professional intention is that, every time we work together, you’ll leave feeling better about your day, your life, and yourself. And you’ll also have a lot of amazing shots.

IN SUMMARY: People before photos. And then photos. Lots of great photos.

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