Braden Summers has been working on an on-going personal project titled “All Love is Equal” that aims to alter or change public perceptions of LGBTQ relationships.

Braden takes a “fairy tale” approach in his images that are predominate in heteronormative images. His goal in doing so is to show the world that the happily ever after dialogue can also exist in LGBTQ relationships.

In an article on Design Indaba, Braden explains his motives:

“By excluding these types of images of beauty for the LGBTQ community we are being told that we are not as beautiful, our romance doesn’t deserve this type of iconic treatment in the media and I thought that it was time for that to change.”

Check back here for more images in the series.

About Braden

Braden is a photographer, whose work alerts the viewer to the beauty in people & their environment. The undertones of his work are appreciative of diversity and acceptance, & ideas that are fundamentally supportive of a more positive lifestyle. His work has been featured in Marie Claire UK and on sites such as French Elle, French Glamour & The Huffington Post.

Braden is represented by Ramona Reps. To see more of his work, visit his AtEdge portfolio & his website,


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©Braden Summers


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©Braden Summers