Some of the world’s greatest image-makers have joined Tim Tadder’s brainchild to raise money for freelance photo assistants who can’t work due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tim’s vision is simple: Mobilize 100 photographers. Each one sets a GoFundMe goal to sell 100 signed, limited edition fine art prints in exchange for $100 donations. Do the math — that’s $1 million to help their indispensable freelance assistants and crew survive these challenging times.

“While the world works to heal itself and take on this tragedy headfirst, we want to make sure we are supporting those who always support us. To do so, we are asking you to join us in “Art for Assistants”, a campaign to turn paper and ink into financial support for photography assistants.”
– Tim Tadder

One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to cover the living expenses of each team’s dedicated sidekicks (with the exception of 3% that goes to GoFundMe).

Check out these breathtaking print selections from AtEdge photographers who have taken up the challenge. Don’t wait to visit their GoFundMe pages — many photographers are quickly selling out of their limited editions.

Go Fund Me :: Nick Hall, Black Sands series from Bristol Bay, Alaska
Go Fund Me :: Dana Neibert, Ship Rock, New Mexico
Go Fund Me :: Andy Mahr, Uncertain, TX at Caddo Lake
Go Fund Me :: Andy Anderson, Gauchos of Argentina
Go Fund Me :: Todd Antony, Ipanema
Go Fund Me :: Erik Almås