Photographer Todd Antony‘s image selected for the cover of our Microview 66 book captures gracefulness at its finest. Shot as part of a campaign series for Pride in London and BMB, this project was designed to honor the last 50 years of LGBTQ activism. We love this portrait’s use of light and shadow, and powerful symbolism. Todd elaborates:
The work in the campaign comprises a series of subversive royal portraits featuring real people from across the LGBTQ community. Each execution symbolises a different milestone in the fight for LGBTQ rights. from the Stonewall Uprising in 1969 through to the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2014.

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Originally from New Zealand, Todd Antony is a multi-award winning photographer that specializes in documentary portraiture. He has been working as a photographer for 16 years and is represented in the UK, U.S., France and Australia. His work has featured in numerous awards, including the American Photography Awards, International Photography Awards, Communication Arts Photo Annual, Creative Review Photo Awards, AOP Awards, and has been included multiple times in Lurzer’s Archive ‘200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide’.

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