An impressive group of talent gathered at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel in sunny California to close out the year with a bang at our semi-annual AtEdge Face-to-Face event.

Photographers, directors and CGI/post-production studios flew in from all corners of the globe to mix and mingle with LA’s most active creative directors and art producers. Eyes locked, sparks flew, and connections promising new opportunity were established right in time for the arrival of 2020!

Hosted twice a year in major cities like NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Minneapolis, Face-to-Face revolves around personal meetings that give AtEdge photographers the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their work with senior-level creative decision makers in a relaxed setting. AtEdge creates an experience that is not only professionally beneficial, but also enjoyable, with a comfortable space, great food to keep everyone energized, and cocktails at the end of the day.

President of AtEdge, Elizabeth Owen, elaborates:

“AtEdge photographers are all working at a very high level, so we put them in a room with creatives and producers who are also at the top of their game, covering a wide range of agencies, major national/international brands, and editorial. L.A. has a lot of automotive and entertainment agencies, so that was a big focus of the day.”

“My favorite part is the feedback from creatives at the end of the day. They’re used to doing traditional portfolio reviews where they’re asked to critique photographers at all different levels. When they come to Face-to-Face they immediately realize this is something completely different. The talent is far and above what that they will see anywhere else. Not only have we matched them up with artists who are relevant to the brands and projects they work on, but they are all capable of handling major productions. Beyond that, they are really great people that they will WANT to work with.”

Chris Christodoulou, CEO of SADDINGTON BAYNES, came from London for this Face-to-Face. SB is a creative production studio that creates compelling content through film, CGI, animation and photography. They have been based in London for 28 years, working with worldwide brands and doing business with most of the big ad agencies in the US. Here’s what Chris had to say about Face-to-Face in L.A.:

“I really like the AtEdge format. It’s just about the right amount of time to share what you want to put across, but also to understand what the client might be looking for or get to know a little bit about them. It keeps things very focused and sharp and you get good quality conversations. This is the second time I’ve done it and I’ve had some really good conversations today.

“For me, having to come to LA from London, if I had to go and travel to see the five or six people that I’ve seen, that’s a whole day of jumping in cars and driving around. But just being able to sit here and talk to people is great. It has a good energy and a good vibe about it and the food is awesome.”

Photographer James Russell, a member of AtEdge family since 2008 said,

“AtEdge did an amazing match of artist to potential client. Either that, or they are clairvoyant. At every meeting we had positive feedback, not just in matching genre, but also and more importantly great synergy with the creatives we presented our work to.”

And the rave reviews went on from there…

“This event was excellent. The photography was all stellar and vetted properly. The reviewers represented a solid cross section of our industry. The setting, food, and drinks on the terrace were all fantastic.”

Brian Gibson, Senior Art Producer, TEAM ONE

“AtEdge ALWAYS creates an environment for making great connections with creatives and buyers.”

Dana Hursey, photographer

“This event was insightful, engaging and lots of fun. Building and growing our network got a bit of a boost because of the great work you do, AtEdge.”

Hugo Garcia, Senior Art Director, 368

“The At-Edge Review is the best one around. The location, photographers and after party is always a great event.”

Lisa Matthews, Lead Content Producer, THE DESIGNORY

“This was the best event like this that I’ve attended. I feel like it will definitely lead to work.”

Zach Ancell, photographer

“What a great curated group of photographers. I love how efficient it was and how quickly the time passed.”

Bernice Chao, Associate Creative Director, DAVID&GOLIATH

“So great to see everybody so interested in being in one room together.”

Adam Blasberg, photographer

“The set up was awesome. Great list of photographers, well organized, easy to navigate. Overall it was a great experience for me.”

Linda Ehrke, Director of Art Production, MOTIVE

“F2F is a great event to connect with artists creating high caliber work.”

Justine Barnes, Senior Art Producer, RPA

CHRIS MCPHERESON meets face-to-face

Sherwin Taghdiri and ZACH ANCELL meet face-to-face

IAN JACOB meets face-to-face
with IRIS ARNAUD (John Paul Mitchell Systems)

Sunset Cocktail hour at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, CA

We want to express our gratitude to the following Producers and Creatives who helped make this event such a success:

Arpi Agdere
Art Producer | VANS

Iris Arnaud

Justine Barnes
Sr. Art Producer | RPA

Mike Blain
Assoc. Creative Director | SAATCHI & SAATCHI

Juan Cruz Bobillo
Exec Creative Director | I’M MORE

Bernice Chao
Assoc. Creative Director | DAVID & GOLIATH

Lindsay Conway

Vida Cornelious
Exec. Creative Director | FAKELOVE – NYTIMES

Rachel Crain

Linda Ehrke
Dir. Art Production | MOTIVE

Andrea Flaherty
Content Producer | FREELANCE

Cameron Ford
Sr. Integrated Producer | ANOMALY LA

Hugo Garcia
Sr. Art Director | 368

Brian Gibson
Sr. Art Producer | TEAM ONE

Ashley Holmes
Sr. Art Producer | MULLENLOWE

Trey Horvath

Jennifer Lamping
VP, Director of Art Production | RPA

Jason Lau
Executive Producer | GIANT SPOON

Karen Lipker
Dir. of Creative Services | DAVIS ELEN ADVERTISING

Chrissy Liuzzi

Jonatan Maldonado
Creative Director | GALLEGOS UNITED

Lisa Matthews
Lead Content Producer | THE DESIGNORY

Ryan Mcdonald

Jessica Mirolla
Sr. Art Producer | GARAGE TEAM MAZDA

Benn Nott | Founder/CD
Danny Izarraras | Creative Producer

Juan Perez
Creative Director | VITRO

Curtis Petraglia
Assoc. Creative Director | DEUTSCH

Andrea Rosenfeld
Sr. Art Producer | DAVID & GOLIATH

Jasmine Sarbaz
Sr. Art Producer | DEUTSCH

Suzanne Polverino
Creative Resources Director | SID LEE

Caroline Valette
Art Director | LEROY & ROSE

LANDON NORDEMAN meets face-to-face

ANDREI DUMAN meets face-to-face
with TREY HORVATH (TBWA\Media Arts Lab)

KATE TURNING meets face-to-face

CAMERON FORD (Anomaly LA) meets face-to-face

MEENO meets face-to-face
with ARPI AGDERE (Vans)

TY MILFORD and Cynthia Held meet face-to-face
with MIKE BLAIN (Saatchi & Saatchi)

LINDSAY SIU meets face-to-face
with CAROLINE VALETTE (Leroy & Rose)

PAUL MOBLEY meets face-to-face
with LINDSEY CONWAY (Fox Entertainment)

For more information about the AtEdge marketing program and our events, email Sara Jaqua