Photographer Adrian Mueller‘s new *PLANTLAB* series celebrates vegan cuisine at its finest. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned vegan chef, Matthew Kenney, this experimental cook book uses elegant imagery to showcase the nutritious, aesthetically-refined, and flavorful side of plant-based innovation. From root purees and soups to kale polenta and pizza, Kenney’s archive of over ninety unique recipes employs a modern, creative approach to wholesome cooking. Developed for chef’s at all skill levels, PLANTLAB’s educational cooking tips expand on cutting-edge food technology and innovative techniques like smoking, fermentation, and thermal immersion. Adrian comments:

It was a massively inspiring, labor intensive and time consuming project. Together with brilliant chefs Matthew Kenney and Scott Winegard, we created PLANTLAB, a 300 page cook book published by Regan Arts. 29 days of shooting in LA, Miami and New York over a period of 5 months; cooking, styling and capturing a total of 222 images. PLANTLAB celebrates innovative plant based cuisine. The 90-plus recipes employ a modern, creative approach organized in four sections that build on progressing skills: Fundamentals, Advanced, Professional, and Future of Food. I have no doubt that this book will further transform how society views plant based cuisine and I’m very happy to be a part of this effort.

Adrian Mueller specializes in still life, liquid, drink, motion, and food photography. After studying architectural engineering in Switzerland, Adrian was drawn to photography because of the similarities in both fields – clean lines, concise structures, and how light reflects off surfaces. Spending time in Japan further influenced his creative approach and visual aesthetics, which is reflected in his work through the concepts of craftsmanship, simplicity, and reducing everything to its essence. Some of Adrian’s clients include Adidas, American Express, Capri Sun, Hershey’s, Macy’s, Teavana, T-Mobile, Westfield, Martha Stewart Living, and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. For more work by Adrian Mueller, check out his website or portfolio.