“May 6, 2020

It’s been a tough few weeks, scratch that, few months. There has been a lot to be concerned about, a lot to think about, a lot to wonder about and a lot to straight up bring us all down. But there has also been new opportunity . . . for family time, for self-improvement and for consideration about what the world can look like going forward. Through all of it, this is one version, one story, one glimpse of what the Covid-19 pandemic time has looked like . . . through the eyes and world of an 8-year-old . . . A Corona Confessional.

I don’t know what day of lockdown we are on, but it is clearly taking it’s toll on some . . .

. . . And I know it’s been tough on all of us – in a variety of different ways – from the self-imposed isolation . . . to the boredom-based-binge-eating that just leaves you feeling sick.”

“There have undoubtedly been overwhelming moments of extreme anger and even rage . . . which are then followed by utter apathy around the ruts you have let yourself slide into these past few months.”

“The loneliness at times has been so intense that it literally felt like you would happily talk to anyone who would listen . . . and yet, you’re a quick study and no doubt know this time won’t last forever. Winners will still have their ‘swole’ on for summer.”

“And truth be told, it hasn’t been all bad. I mean, there were those two days back in March where you professed that with the extra time on your hands you were going to become a master gardener . . . but yeah, ok, there has certainly been some bad. In light of certain ‘lacking of leadership’ perhaps the YouTuber’s “how to make an ‘at home Cover-19 swab test’ should have seemed ‘off’ before you actually tried it.”

“And let’s face it – the heavy drinking has probably been the worst . . . but the real challenge has come on trash day in figuring out creative ways to disguise from your neighbors the sound of all the ‘extra’ glass being discarded.”

“And while you have followed the CDC directive and largely stayed home to save lives, in those rare instances where you absolutely had to run out for more ‘beverage essentials,’ when you did get home you just couldn’t seem to get yourself ‘clean enough.’ Am I right?!?!”

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