AtEdge Conversation Series: On the Track with Andy Batt

Andy Batt‘s approach to photography is built out of a strong commitment to creating an intersection of image and story. Whether it’s working on a large scale project with a huge crew and bigger personalities, or a quiet portrait session in his own studio, his work shows a love for the act of discovery and

Neptune’s Revenge…

I love this image. It is of course a product of post production but was actually photographed underwater in two stages about 6 years apart. The great model is Robert Guy who is a dancer and circus artist & the coolest guy to have on set. He was the ideal model for an underwater photoshoot because […]

2015 Communication Art Photo Annual Award

I’m always grateful to be awarded the honor of inclusion in this year’s Communication Arts Photography Annual.  They receive so many entries, from so many wonderful photographers, that I’m a bit amazed that I made it in.  The Arctic Vortex was a … Continue reading 2015 Communication Art Photo Annual Award

“I think I swallowed the maraschino cherry…”….

“I think I swallowed the maraschino cherry…â€....

“I think I swallowed the maraschino cherry…”. @woolsman is unphased. Anything can happen on set. #onset #losglobos #bar #barlife #givemeabeer #anotherdayatwork (at Los Globos Nitghclub)

Feeling Very Proud.

The amount of talent in this industry is incredible. And, the amount of compelling imagery out there is endless.  I appreciate being able to see such beautiful work and connect with such talented people everyday.  From where I sit, I know that every photographer in our group is passionate about what they do and they […]