A new promo is in the mail! I partnered with the amazing Heidi Gintner, foodstylist, and we shot fantastic squash, both fresh and as part of some truly delicious Summer recipes. Almost all of these gorgeous zucchini came straight from Heidi’s garden!Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-1Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-2Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-3

Zucchini-Promo_Final_v3-4Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-5Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-6Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-7Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-8Zucchini Promo_Final_v3-9