zero2sixty artists on-set with Iron Mountain

Over 3 days on-location with more than 20 models, photographer Tom Kates along with Producer Kristie Raymond collaborated with the artists of zero2sixty to expand Iron Mountain’s image library.

Following up with Tom, he gave great credit to the team:
“Working on a three day location shoot for a fortune 500 company was an absolute dream with zero2sixty’s artists. Not only was the crew top notch on an individual basis with Jesse as one of the best digital tech/re-touchers in Boston, Rachel providing make-up that was just the right touch and props supplied with perfect timing by Jennifer along with Jenna’s styling of fabulous wardrobe……. But even better, them team worked together flawlessly. Simply one of the best crews I have worked with in recent memory. It allowed me to concentrate on nothing but taking great pictures. End result, an extremely productive photo shoot and a happy client. Thanks zero2sixty!”

zero2sixty creative represents:
Digital Tech + artist Jesse Carroll
Wardrobe Jenna Adams

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