Who’s Hungry? Issue No. 10 Is Here!

Each issue of WH comes out at slightly different times so we can come up with fresh stories that are in tune with the exact season.

This has been the hardest issue we’ve had to produce. Selecting content was difficult because winter isn’t over and spring hasn’t quite settled in. Plus, spring vegetables aren’t out yet, so we rolled with contrasts of the season.

It’s that time of year when the winter blahs set in as our body, mind and palate crave spring. To fend off those feelings, we offer you fun indulgences in “Beyond the Cronut” such as Crookies, Wookies and Duffins. Then chef Ina Pinkney offers some serious balm for the blues in her essay on chocolate, “The Ultimate Indulgence.”

One way to beat winter is to travel someplace warm––at least in our imaginations. Geraldine Campbell takes us on a casual Caribbean beach trip in “Beach Vacation” where the sky is blue, the sea is even bluer and local BBQ and seafood are available in abundance.

Seafood is a wonderful way to lighten up winter meals and Italian chefs are known for seafood pasta dishes. In “In Season: Seafood Pasta,” Kate Bernot shares curious facts about squid ink pasta and some recipes collected from Italian chefs across the US.

Another way to lighten up is with the springlike colors of cauliflower. If that’s hard to believe, check out our Weather Permitting column, “Cabbage That Blooms Like a Flower.” Goes to show that signs of spring are everywhere if you know where to look. Who’s Hungry?™

Stephen Hamilton

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