Photographer Weston Fuller’s new storytelling project invites viewers into the whimsical world of three kids and a dog sailing across the seven seas on their imaginary pirate ship. As Weston specializes in developing conceptual photo campaigns, this series highlights his expertise in creating playful visuals that invite viewers into a storyline. 

“PIRATES” by Weston Fuller

Remember when you and your friends ruled the neighborhood, the forest behind your house, the local park or the beach near your home.

This past winter I was down on the beach taking pictures with my son of surfers, while we were walking down the beach we came upon a wood pallet that had washed up at high tide from the night before. Nobody seemed to take any notice of it and probably discarded it as just another piece of random beach trash. But it wasn’t trash to me, I was intrigued by it. I took a couple of frames of it before we continued down the beach, but I kept thinking of the pallet and the potential it held for creating an image.

I’m a storyteller, I like to create visual narratives which I hope individuals are intrigued with, stories individuals can relate to or images that individuals are motivated by; and this ordinary pallet was the perfect opportunity to create something from nothing.

PIRATES became the perfect narrative for me to build a story around that showed the pallet as something other than what it was and the perfect stage to cast the imagination of the kids who would play my band of salty crewmembers. Aiding in creating a bridge between my childhood past and my present life with my own kids. Allowing me to create a personal photo project that would hopefully inspire others and reflect on the possibilities of their potential by charging the horizons of tomorrow.

I’m proud of how this entire project came together because it shows the level of commitment I put into my photos for myself and for my clients. When I create an image for myself, I want that image to reflect the best work that I can possibly do both creatively and technically. When I create an image or a set/library of images for clients, they expect what they will receive will help them stand out from the mass of media that’s fighting for everyone’s attention. We all want to be noticed; and good, creative and technical work helps to set myself and my images apart from others.

Weston Fuller is an award-winning photographer based in California. Some of his clients include Adobe, Hydrapak, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Teamwork Apparel, and Westgate Resorts. To view more of Weston’s conceptual, lifestyle, product, and motion design projects, check out his portfolio or website.