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Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my Blog.

By |February 23rd, 2016|Categories: Syndicated Content|

Well only 15 years late but I finally have a blog. In contrast to my website, here I’ll share a bit more of all the work I have been doing whether Stills or Directing. I’ll also share more of the ideas I had going into shoots and maybe how they did (or didn’t) work, behind-the-scenes stories and images, technical discussions of how we did it, and even what it was that inspired the work.

As my first posting I decided to go back to a few years to job I did for a short-lived show on Discovery Channel called “Big Brain Theory†on Discovery Channel. This job was maybe a year or two into my breakthrough into the world of shooting commercially.Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my Blog.Typically I am given free reign when shooting network shows, crafting my own shots and set-ups separate from what the show is doing.  But here I spent two days shooting portraits of the show talent, grabbing what I could alongside the film crew. I was brutally sick but strangely  enough I think that helped the work. Being so out of it I came in and was forced to operate solely on on instinct, shooting directly from my experience. And in some ways tat helped me see things a bit differently, more directly. I found myself moving away from the standard lighting the show was forced to do with their limited schedule and instead started looking for alternate angles, different shots.

I think its a good example of how often you hear the “rules”, such as three point lighting, or nothing completely blown white or pitch-black.  Instead, by moving to a 90 degree angle from the film crew shot I was able to break those rules, shooting directly into lights or areas they had not lit. And in the end I think we got some good stuff that I still show in my portfolio today.

Ok, enough for now. Please follow along and subscribe to my feed. And if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you and will try to answer back (if I am working, please give me a few days).   Ok thanks. More soon!

Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my Blog.