Welcome Simia to the Team // Simia Rassouli

We are excited to announce that Simia Rassouli form the Bay Area is the newest member of the Marilyn Cadenbach team.

A recent transplant to LA, Simia arrived here three years ago to pursue a photography degree from Arts Center College of Design, one of the top design schools in the country. Though the photography degree was rigorous and intensive, she was thankful to be a part of such a disciplined program.

Learn more about this talented team member and check out her online portfolio. You won’t be disappointed.

1. You are the eldest child in your family, what do you think that says about you? There is a seven-year age gap between me and my younger brother, Jahan, so I got the best of both world. I was an only child and an older sister. I wish I was around Jahan more because I really want to be his friend.

2. Why photography? In community college, I took a B&W printing class, and seeing all those classic images opened a Pandora’s Box in me. Being a part of this industry consumed me, it inspired me to be a better person and it’s something I just had to do. It basically unleaded the dragon inside.

3. Cat or Dogs? I have a 14-year-old cat and her name Mooshie, which means mouse or angel in Farsi. I love the independence of cats. They are fuzzy and cute. Yes, I do watch cat videos and when I do it can be obsessively. This may sound cruel, but I have to admit that one of my favorite moments with my cat is seeing her fall. She is such an elegant creature and her falls are usually over the top and dramatic. It cracks me up.

4. What movie have you seen recently? I recently watched “Birdman” and after it was done, I wanted to see it again. I love mental/suspense movies. The movie keeps you guessing. I honestly hadn’t heard anything about it because I’ve been consume with school, but thankfully my aunt made the recommendation and took me to see it.

5. What is one thing people should know about you? I worked at a dry cleaners for six years. I’ve moved 10 times, meaning lived in 10 different houses/apartments. I used to want to be a rock star. I got my hair cut recently to look like Mick Jagger. I am Persian. I was named after my uncle’s ex girlfriend. I wear eyeliner every day, except for the summer because it’s too hot and I feel like smears across my face. I hate the heat.

Welcome Simia to the Team // Simia Rassouli

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