Want to see Ron Berg’s new portfolio? Just click here and think of the Fedex charges you will save.

As we all know, it is pretty rare when we get to send out a portfolio for a request. Nowadays, they are used mostly for portfolio shows and events.  It doesn’t make them any less important of course.  In fact, I would argue they are even more important now.  They are rarely seen so when they are they need to shine!

We thought it would be great if more people were able to see Ron Berg’s portfolio so we asked Marc Virata, a videographer, to video tape someone reviewing the book.  We added some fun music and posted it to Vimeo.  We will be adding Ron’s video as well as videos from the rest of our group,  to our websites soon.

If you would like to see the portfolio in person, please email us – we would love the request!  And if you would like to see Ron Berg’s work on line, please link here.

Click here for a video of Ron Berg’s portfolio

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