We’re excited to announce the release of photographer Tyllie Barbosa‘s new visual storytelling book “Baiana.” This personal project uses vibrant imagery to highlight the experiences, sights, and culinary delicacies that make up Brazilian culture. Born and raised in the northeastern state of Bahia, which has been referred to as “the soul of Brazil,” Tyllie found creative inspiration in the warmth and hospitality surrounding the community’s cultural scene. Tyllie elaborates:

Baiana is a visual tale of my upbringing, a cultural portrait of a Brazilian at heart. The book takes you on a journey through the beautiful Bahia region and explores the local cuisine and daily customs.To Baianos, the beach is a part of their everyday life, though it really comes to life on weekends. The locals spend entire days at the beach, frequenting the barracas — small restaurants at the shore — eating, drinking, and enjoying the day with friends and family. The array of beach vendors and variety of merchandise sold is staggering. The local food is unique and some of the meals can only be found in the region. Muqueca, acarajé, abará, bobó de camarão are just a few of the local dishes — incredibly simple, yet quite mouthwatering and fulfilling. Bahia is, and will forever remain in my heart. By sharing my images with you, I hope to give you a glimpse into my Brazilian heritage and the colorful and captivating world of Bahia. I wish to honor my roots and my birthright to forever consider myself a Baiana.

Known for her ability to offer food, product, and lifestyle campaigns a lively yet homey flare, Tyllie’s artistic style clearly reflects the hospitable nature of her upbringing. Her work has been described as “spontaneous yet composed” – where she always seems to find a way to put her heart into a new project. Tyllie’s instinctual eye for uniting design with creative experimentation translates into just the sort of authentic imagery needed to establish a brand. Her work is refreshingly relatable, where each of her images are always developed with the intention of establishing a sincere connection with viewers.

Some of the major brands Tyllie has worked with include Ulta Cosmetics, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Daisy Dairy, Kerrygold, Ziploc and Crate & Barrel. Check out Tyllie Barbosa’s portfolio or website for more samples of her work.