The strangest little photo booth in Chicago

Some of my earliest attempts at photographing groups of people was in the mid 90′s creating photo booths for my friends parties. Back then I put folks behind a decorated frame and shot 2, 3, 5 people on Polaroid Spectra film. I sold prints for $3 each. 2  for $5.  Once in a while a scanned copy finds its way to me after being discovered in a box of love letters. An obvious sign of solidarity.

My photo booths have evolved over the years. It’s actually been years since I’ve created one, but when my dear old friend Nate Euhus aka DJ LA Jesus asked me to create one for a party he was producing at Chicago’s new Chop Shop, I said, “Hmmm. Maybe. Well OK!”

I supposed the set could be described as, adolescent boy’s room–circa 1983. Complete with smoky mattress, grandmas afghan, tape deck, Chinese food and a copy of Playboy, party-goers interpreted my art direction in a relaxed and intimate setting.  If you’re in the pictures and want a larger copy or print, just hit me up.

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