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The price of digital

The price of digital

By |August 20th, 2010|Categories: Syndicated Content|

There are 20000 messages in my inbox today.
There was a time when a lot of my day was spent going to and from the lab.  Waiting for pushes, pulls, snips, trimming 120 film, chatting with the regulars behind the counter, and catching up with other photogs and assistants.

Now the lab is a Mac.  Everything we do goes in one cable and out another.  And we spend a lot more time in front of our monitors.  
The social aspect of photography has gone digital as well.

I had lunch with a photog friend yesterday, and it seemed like a special occasion.  The personal contact that used to be normal is now novel. 

Face to face is still the best way to communicate, let’s not forget how to do it.