AtEdge is proud to announce that 23 of our photographers were hand-picked for Communication Arts  2014 Photography Annual, placing them into the highest ranks of their profession.

We would like to thank and congratulate our photographers for their constant hard work and never-ending commitment to providing the most innovative, fresh, and thought-provoking work for the creative community.

The jury chose 154 projects out of 5,223 entries. Check out this year’s amazing work below (in alphabetical order):

Erik Almås  – Advertising

photography, advertising, atedge, commercial, photographer

Advertising : Part of a worldwide awareness campaign for Dassault Systèmes


Andy Anderson  – Self Promotion 

Andy Anderson, photography, self promotion, atedge, photographer, professional, art,

Self Promotion : Part of a series about a traditional Southern baptism in north Florida

Andy Anderson, self promotion, photography, award, art, professional, atedge, communication arts

Self Promotion : Booklet about oil workers at the Kern County oil fields outside Bakersfield, California

Andy Anderson, unpublished, art, photography, atedge, communication arts

Unpublished : Outtake from a feature about writers who live in Livingston, Montana


Ken Anderson – Advertising

advertising, photography, art, ken anderson, atedge, assignment, communication arts

Advertising : Campaign for Russell Investements


KC Armstrong – Advertising

advertising, KC Armstrong, photography, atedge, commercial, assignment, communication arts

Advertising : Bringing to life the story of champion musher Lance Mackey, subject of a Canada Goose documentary


Darren Braun – Editorial

Darren Braun, texas monthly, editorial, photo illustration, commercial, photography, atedge, communication arts

Editorial : The current state of standardized testing in Texas

Darren Braun, editorial, commercial, photography, magazine, atedge, art, communication arts

Editorial : Relating to the Affordable Health Care Act

Chris Crisman – Self-promotion 

commercial, assignment, photography, Chris Crisman, animals, advertising, communication arts

Self Promotion : Outtake from a tourism project for the city of San Antonio

Ann Elliot Cutting – Books

books, photography, ann elliot cutting, atedge, photography, communication arts

Books : A book cover for The Tale Teller by Susan Glickman

David Emmite – Advertising 

old spice, advertising, photography, assignment, david emmite, atedge, photography, communication arts

Advertising : Old Spice’s Smellcome to Manhood campaign


Shaun Fenn – Advertising

advertising, shaun fenn, atedge, photography, art, assignment. communication arts

Advertising : Campaign for client Woody Boater

Jim Fiscus – Advertising

itv, advertising, assignment, photography, jim fiscus, communication arts

Advertising : Portrait series for ITV featuring Downton Abbey

Chris Gordaneer – Advertising

chris gordaneer, advertising, canada, olympics, winter sports, sports, commercial, photography, atedge, communication arts

Advertising : Series for Canada’s Olympic athletes

Blaise Hayward – Unpublished

landscape, personal, art, communication arts, blaise hayward, photography, atedge

Unpublished : A personal project shot in the Antarctic archipelago

Andy Mahr – Books

farmer, america, books, photography, andy mahr, communication arts, atedge

Books : From a series called The Farmer in All of Us: An American Portrait

Mark Mann – Editorial 

mark mann, esquire, magazine, editorial, assignment, barack obama, photography, atedge

Editorial : For Esquire Magazine’s 80th Anniversary Edition

Paolo Marchesi – Advertising 

paolo marchesi, advertising, assignment, commercial, photography, atedge, communication arts

Advertising : Wyoming Tourism ad campaign

Patrick Molnar – Advertising, Unpublished

Advertising, patrick molnar, communication arts, usaa, assignment, atedge

Advertising : Campaign for USAA

Point 3 basketball, patrick molnar, advertising, unpublished, communication arts, atedge, assignment

Unpublished : Point 3 Basketball clothing company

RJ Muna – Advertising 

rj muna, advertising, assignment, commercial, photography, atedge, communication arts

Advertising : 2013 repertory season of Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Stan Musilek – Editorial 

stan musilek, peripheries, fashion, editorial, atedge, commercial, photography, communication arts

Editorial : Fashion, destruction, and beauty on the edges

Dana Neibert – Advertising 

princess cruises, dana neibert, advertising, photography, commercial, communication arts, atedge

Advertising : Campaign for Princess Cruises

princess cruises, dana neibert, advertising, commercial, photography, nature, atedge, assignment, communication arts

Advertising : Campaign for Princess Cruises

Michael Prince – Editorial 

Michael Bloomberg, Michael prince,  editorial, forbes, atedge, communication arts, commercial, assignment, photography

Editorial : “The Exit Interview” article on Michael Bloomberg’s last days as mayor

Howard Schatz – Self-promotion 

alex katz, howard schatz, self promotion, commercial, photography, atedge, communication arts

Self Promotion : Portrait of artist Alex Katz

George Simhoni – Advertising 

george simhoni, freedom 55 financial, commercial, advertising, assignment, photography, atedge, communication arts

Advertising : Campaign for Freedom 55 Financial

Frank Walsh – Self-promotion 

Mullen Pittsburgh, frank walsh, self promotion, assignment, commercial, atedge, photography, communication arts

Self Promotion : Series of portraits of Movember participants at Mullen Pittsburgh


Explore all of the winning projects, meet the jurors, and view a gallery of images here.