The Community Table needs you: Submit your questions now for our next event this June in NYC.

For those of you just tuning in, Community Table  was formed from the collective efforts of Matt Nycz and Kate Chase of Brite Productions and Heather Elder and Lauranne Lospalluto of Heather Elder Represents with the idea that there is nothing more powerful in our industry than education.  Our debut event featured Los Angeles Art Producers and shared information about all sorts of topics such as how marketing has changed over the years to the email blast controversy and where creatives are finding inspiration to name a few.

It was exciting to see how many people benefited from the posts and how many appreciated a view into the Art Producer world.  The power of the Community Table was evident in the number of emails, reposts and comments the post enjoyed.

So, it is on the heels of this success that we announce Community Table NYC.  We will once again use the Le Book Connections event as a jumping off point for this NYC connection with hopes of posting the conversation in June or July.

In preparation for the event, we are soliciting questions from the community so as to be true to the spirit of the Community Table.  Since we can’t invite you all to sit at the table with us, please do consider submitting your questions for us to consider asking on your behalf.

All questions can be submitted to QUESTIONS@COMMUNITYTABLE.INFO

See full post here: Heather Elder Represents Blog2012-04-26.