Ten Things you Don’t Know about Andy Anderson (alright, maybe you won’t be surprised by #9)

© Andy Anderson – www.andyandersonphoto.com

My husband always comments on how people are very true to their brand (can you tell that he is in advertising?).  Well, after reading Andy Anderson’s Ten Things you Don’t Know about Me, I was a believer.  Number 3 is my favorite.  There is no other photographer in our group that could own these ten.  I love that.

1. I love photos, expecially other people’s
2. The smell of Fix is exotic.
3. Family is everything and all else is wallpaper.
4. Collaborating is addicting.
5. I’m never satisfied with my work.
6. Vintage glass is wonderful
7. I’m always curious.
8. I’m concerned about our country.
9. The Tea Party sucks
10. Life is Grand….live it

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